Terms of Sale

By placing an order, the customer makes an offer to purchase a product under the following terms and conditions. Users who access the site and wish to purchase the products on sale therein may do so only if they are natural persons whose aims in accessing www.superlativa.it are unrelated to any commercial, entrepreneurial or professional activity they may carry out. If the user does not possess such requisites, the sale may not be completed.

All orders are subject to availability and confirmation of order price. Shipping times may vary on the basis of availability, and any guarantees or forecasts related to shipping times are restricted to Italy and subject to possible delays due to the postal service or force majeure, for which we shall not be held liable. You must be at least 18 years of age and hold a valid credit card or debit card issued by a bank we consider reliable in order to enter into an agreement with Superlativa.

Superlativa reserves the right to refuse any request you may make. If your order is accepted, we will inform you by e-mail. When you make an order, you undertake to ensure that all the details you provide are true and exact, that you are authorised to use the credit or debit card used for the order and that there are sufficient funds to cover the product price. The cost of non-Italian products and services could be subject to variations. All the specified prices are subject to such variations.


When an order is made, you will receive confirmation by e-mail. This e-mail is merely a confirmation and does not constitute acceptance of the order. The agreement will not be completed until we send you confirmation by e-mail that the products you have ordered have been shipped. The final agreement will include only those goods specified in the confirmation e-mail sent at the time of shipment.


Only products bearing the Superlativa trademark are offered for sale on www.superlativa.it. Superlativa does not sell used or faulty products, or those whose quality is lower than the equivalent standards offered on the market. Superlativa brand products purchased on www.superlativa.it are sold directly by Superlativa s.r.l., with registered office in Italy, at Via delle Be􀆩ole 70, 25050 Passirano (BS), Tax Code No. and VAT No. 044223920984 Share Capital € 350.877,20 fully paid up.

The essential features of the products are shown on www.superlativa.it on each product information sheet. The images and colours of the products offered for sale on www.superlativa.it may however not correspond to the actual ones owing to the Internet browser and monitor used. Requests for purchase from countries not on the list of “Sales Countries” may not be accepted. All products are fitted with an ID tag attached using a disposable seal. You should not remove the tag and seal from purchased products since they form an integral part of them. If you should exercise your right to withdraw, Superlativa is entitled to not accept the return of products which are lacking their ID tags, whose essential and quality characteristics have been altered, or which are damaged.


Product prices could be subject to updates. You should check the final purchase price before sending the order form. Whenever applicable, prices include VAT. Delivery costs will be added separately. These additional costs are clearly indicated when they apply and are included in the “total cost”.


Once we receive your order we perform a standard pre-authorisation check on your payment card to ensure that there are sufficient funds to complete the transaction. The goods will not be shipped until this pre-authorisation check has been completed. We will charge payment to your card after the order has been accepted.


International shipping is available for goods purchased on our site. Click here to see a list of the countries to which goods may be sent. Shipping and handling charges will depend on the value of the order, the country to which goods are to be sent and the delivery times the customer requests. Click here to consult a list of our shipping and handling rates and terms of delivery. The goods we deliver will become property of the customer upon receipt. Customers will become responsible for the goods as soon as we have delivered them, also in the event of any loss or damage they may sustain from that moment onwards.


You are entitled to withdraw from the agreement without providing any grounds and without any penalty within 10 business days from receipt of the products or, in the case of services, of performance of the contract. You must fill out the return form online, and ensure that the products are in the same condition in which you received them with all the warranty seals still attached. You should send the package after applying the preprinted, prepaid label to the original box (or an equally sturdy one) in such as way as to cover the original address label.

Book collection of your return package by contacting the forwarding agent who delivered your package. Call DHL from Italy on 199 199 345 or UPS from abroad on +4906966405060 to arrange the date and address of collection. Our forwarding agent will come and collect the package where you prefer. Remember that you can send returns only from the same country in which the order was made. We will only refund articles returned according to the instructions. If your return does not satisfy the conditions listed, the package will be sent back to you.


After you return the products, Superlativa performs all necessary assessments of their conformity with the conditions and terms. If the assessments have a successful outcome, Superlativa will send you e-mail confirmation that the returned products have been accepted. Whatever payment method you use, Superlativa will make a refund as soon as possible and in any case no later than thirty (30) days after the date when Superlativa becomes aware that you intend to exercise your right of withdrawal, and once it has assessed correct performance of your right of withdrawal and has accepted the returned products.

If the recipient of the products specified in the order form does not correspond with the person who has paid for their purchase, Superlativa will in any case refund the purchase price to the person who made the payment if the right to withdraw is exercised. The value date of the refund will be the same as the debit date. Consequently, you will not lose any bank interest. For the return of products, Superlativa avails itself of the forwarding agent DHL for Italy (www.dhl.com). You can return the products to Superlativa without having to personally sustain the necessary expenses by shipping through DHL, and using the preprinted adhesive label attached to the package containing the product.

In accordance with the methods and terms of your right to withdraw, this method allows Superlativa to make direct payment on your behalf for the expenses of returning purchased products, releasing you from any obligation to pay the forwarding agent. This method also makes it possible to assess at any time where each package is, releasing you from any liability in the event of loss or damage of the products during shipment. If you decide to use a forwarding agent other the one specified by Superlativa for returning the products, you will instead have to personally pay the necessary expenses, and will be held liable should the products become lost or damaged during shipping, in accordance with the methods and terms governing the right of withdrawal.


All products sold by Superlativa are provided with an ID tag attached using a disposable seal, which forms an integral part of the article. You should try on the product without removing the ID tag or its seal since any products returned without them will not be accepted.


Discount codes or promotional discount codes may periodically be offered to account holders. Discount codes for accounts may only be applied to purchases made using the account for which a discount code has been offered and registered. Promotional discount codes may be applied to all purchases or specific purchases made through this website.


None of these Terms of Sale may exclude or limit our liability to the customer in the event of fraud, death or harm to the person or any other circumstance for which the law does not allow exclusions or limitations of liability. We decline all liability to those customers with whom an agreement has been entered into in the following cases:

any loss of profit, earnings, business, income or goodwill; any data loss, damage or corruption; any loss or damage that does not constitute a reasonably foreseeable consequence of a violation of the contract by us or of our legal obligation to provide assistance. Loss or damage will be deemed “reasonably foreseeable” if at the time we and the customer enter into the agreement both of us consider this loss possible, or if the customer has informed us that such loss was foreseeable in the event of a breach of contract on our part or of our legal obligation to provide assistance.
None of the Terms of Sale set forth herein may negatively affect the customer’s statutory rights.


When making an order through our site, our customers provide us with their personal information. We will use this personal information to process the order, deliver the goods and for a limited range of other purposes. The customer’s personal information will be collected and used in compliance with the terms of our Privacy Policy, a copy of which may be viewed by clicking.


The agreement between the customer and us is subject to Italian law. Our or the customer’s failure to exercise, or exercise too late, the rights under this contract will not preclude their exercise thereafter. If any provision contained in the contract should be found to be invalid or not applicable by law, this clause will be removed without the remaining terms being affected. Only the customers and us, and not third parties, may enforce observance of the terms of the agreement.

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